Turn That Nobody-Reads-It CSR Report Into A Marketing Win!

Imagine how the world might “beat a path to your door” if your best prospects could easily discover your  CSR, social entrepreneurship, and sustainability achievements—as Tweets, blog posts, newsletter articles, and presentation points.

How much did your company spend to create your last Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) or sustainability report? How many of your potential clients actually read it all the way through? Did you get any new clients because of it?

What if you could quickly, easily, and inexpensively…

  • Pull out the highlights of your organization’s CSR and sustainability initiatives
  • Organize them into fast-paced “nuggets” to add into your press releases, website copy, company blog, radio and TV spots, print/web ads, and other marketing
  • Select highlights to Tweet on Twitter and post on social media
  • Easily share these talking points with journalists who interview you, conference planners who book speakers, and government officials who set policy that affects you—not to mention your Board of Directors, stockholders, and employees

Did The Right People Read Your Press Release?

You’ve done great things on sustainability, corporate social responsibility, community outreach, philanthropy…all the “cool and groovy” stuff that makes your company attractive to invest in, do business with, work for, and brag about.

And your team worked really hard to document all this wonderful work. Your best people put in many hours, did a ton of research, maybe interviewed some of the “players.” The report looks beautiful and runs many pages.

Shouldn’t you get some real marketing benefit from all that hard work?

Sure, you put out a nice press release over the wire. And maybe a journalist or two called with a few questions. But are you reaching the people you really want to reach? Did anyone in your target market actually read that press release? Have your customers, prospects, vendors, potential hires, investors, regulators, and others really heard your CSR or sustainability story? Have you  differentiated yourself from all the other companies doing similar good work?

How You Can Effortlessly Maximize the Marketing Potential of That Report

Finally, you can share your CSR and sustainability messages easily, quickly, and widely—and very affordably.

Make the most of your CSR and sustainability accomplishments with help from a green and social entrepreneurship marketing expert: Shel Horowitz, green/social change profitability specialist, savvy marketing copywriter, and award-winning author of 10 books including Guerrilla Marketing to Heal the World (endorsed by Seth Godin, Jack Canfield, Frances Moore Lappé, and many others), Guerrilla Marketing Goes Green, and Green And Profitable, among others.

Shel Horowitz, green/social change business profitability consultant and author of Guerrilla Marketing to Heal the World

Shel Horowitz, author of Guerrilla Marketing to Heal the World. Photo Credit: Andrew Morris-Friedman

Guerrilla Marketing to Heal the World front cover. Courtesy of Morgan James Publishing

Guerrilla Marketing to Heal the World front cover. Courtesy of Morgan James Publishing

Shel offers a quick and easy done-for you writing service to extract tons of benefit from all that hard work and all the corporate resources that went into it:

For every ten pages of your CSR/sustainability report, you’ll get at least:

  1. Six  nuggets of 100-300 words each—every one highlighting a different initiative or accomplishment (just pop into any document or audio script)
  2. Fifteen Tweets with hashtags and links (just add a graphic and post)
  3. Eight social media posts of 20 to 50 words (just add a graphic and post)
  4. Five headlines that create “story-behind-the-story” angles for press releases and presentations by company leaders

Imagine…if your report is 30 pages, you’ll have 18 nugget paragraphs, 45 Tweets, 24 social media posts, and 15 story-idea headlines or presentation points—ready to pop in and use immediately. Think of the power and impact you’ll have in the media and with your public!

Pricing is simple and straightforward: $900 if your CSR or sustainability report is up to 10 pages, $1300 for up to 20 pages, $1600 up to 30 pages, and $350 for each additional 10 pages.

Visit Shel’s Contact page to get started. If you choose the email option, please use the subject line, Fix my CSR report.