Heal the World/Help Your Bottom Line

Fix hunger, poverty, war, and climate change through profitable products and services—not out of guilt and shame, not even just through philanthropy

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Green Your Business Deeply & Inexpensively

How do you control costs while going green? Better question: How can you turn your green initiatives into profit centers that reduce costs AND increase revenue?

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Hire a Dynamic Speaker

HIRE A DYNAMIC INTERNATIONAL SPEAKER/TEDx TALKER/AWARD-WINNING 10-BOOK AUTHOR who shows how ordinary people transform themselves/their businesses into world-changing, profitable forces for good.

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Are You the Company Hero…Or Its Villain?


When the price of your most important raw material jumps 8x…when your customers jump ship because a competitor is doing it better, cheaper, faster, and greener…or worse yet, when you end up on the wrong side of an expensive environmental or ethics lawsuit?


When you turn a costly waste disposal problem into a lucrative new product…increase employee and customer loyalty with your profitable higher purpose…slash your resource cost while boosting profits…leverage your prestigious corporate citizenship award to create a wildly successful marketing campaign?

Read on to find out how to earn praise instead of blame, leading your company into a profitable AND people/planet-centered future.

Could Your Organization Profitably Promote Peace, Prosperity, and Planetary Balance?

Serving a higher good can create new markets, lower costs, and increase profits.

You don’t have to choose between social responsibility/sustainability and profitability—you can do both.

Thank YOU for being such a great example of helping what’s unjust. Your courage and effort is truly inspirational. You are a compassionate person and I’m so grateful to have gotten to know you. With Peace and an abundance of Gratitude,
Rita Joyan, UnboxYourGift.com, Sydney, Australia”

Going Beyond Sustainability is about creating a world of peace, plenty, and profit

Find the sweet spot that combines profitable products and services with deep social/environmental change. Think big enough for your business to change the world!

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Golden Earth photo credit: FreeImages.com/Stephanie Hofschlaeger

How will your organization thrive and profit while fixing problems like hunger, poverty, war, and catastrophic climate change? What role will YOU play in moving them there?

If that feels too big—you’re thinking too small!

Thousands of companies—from small startups to giant corporations like General Electric and Unilever—know how to create profit and revenue streams that make a difference on these huge issues.

Ordinary people just like you, working in traditional companies and NGOs, have found ways to help the world AND their bottom line.

Here’s the good news: You don’t have to go it alone! Practical visionaries across hundreds of industries have already shown the way. And now you’ve found a guide: Multiple-award-winning author and international speaker Shel Horowitz, “The Transformpreneur™,” is happy to be your Sherpa.

Some of the many media that have covered Shel Horowitz: Logos of NY Times, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, ABC News, etc.

Some of the many media that have covered Shel Horowitz

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