Can Business REALLY Make a Profit Solving Hunger, Poverty, War, and Catastrophic Climate Change? “Absolutely,” says Bestselling Author

HADLEY, MA, US: What do these businesses have in common?

  • Their profitable solar lanterns not only eliminate deadly fires and toxic fumes but actually create a ladder out of poverty (d.light, Waka Waka, others)
  • This $129 billion global corporation, ranked #113 of all corporations worldwide, is the largest entity ever to pursue Benefit Corporation certification as a social enterprise (Unilever)
  • In a major ad campaign, this well-known outdoor clothing manufacturer told people not to buy its products (Patagonia)
  • This very successful coffee roaster not only has sold 100% organic fair trade exclusively since the day it opened in 1993, but pressures the industry’s largest players to do so as well (Dean’s Beans)
  • For more than 30 years, this energy consultancy has saved its corporate clients millions for both new construction and retrofits by designing with the earth instead of against it; its Empire State Building retrofit is saving our most famous skyscraper $4.4 million every year (Rocky Mountain Institute)
  • Located in a gritty urban area, this commercial bakery hires “unemployable” ex-cons, ex-addicts, and ex-mental patients to produce world-class brownies and a successful long-term business (Greyston Bakery)
Shel Horowitz, green/social change business profitability consultant and author of Guerrilla Marketing to Heal the World

Shel Horowitz, author of Guerrilla Marketing to Heal the World

Here’s the answer: every one of these very different companies creates products and services that address one or more of the most challenging issues of our time—such as hunger, poverty, war, and catastrophic climate change—and makes a great profit. And every one of these successful socially responsible companies is among many other success stories in Shel Horowitz’s 10th book, Guerrilla Marketing to Heal the World (Morgan James, April 2016)

“Profit—self-interest—can solve these problems where guilt and shame fail. We will solve hunger, poverty, war, and catastrophic climate change by making those solutions profitable,” says Shel Horowitz, 60, primary author of the long-running category bestseller Guerrilla Marketing Goes Green and founder of “We take all sorts of things for granted that we used to think were impossible. Hard as it might be to imagine, a paradise of peace, plenty, and planetary purity is just as achievable as walking on the moon or carrying the world’s informational resources in your pocket.​ We have the technology. Let’s find the will.”


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