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Guerrilla Marketing to Heal the World

Cover of Shel’s 10th book, Guerrilla Marketing to Heal the World

Forget choosing between making a profit and making a difference—now you can do both at once. Business is uniquely positioned to turn hunger and poverty into sufficiency, war into peace, and catastrophic climate change into planetary balance—not out of guilt or shame, but out of self-interest.

“The desire to leave the world better than you find it is as basic a drive as needing to eat, needing a home, needing a purpose and a career… It’s a biological need, just like food and sex and shelter. Many people shut that down because it feels too scary—but we don’t feel whole unless we’re somehow making the world better.”
—Shel Horowitz (Guerrilla Marketing to Heal the World, p. 302)

Nothing to buy here—just your personal invitation to join a movement that uses the profit motive to transform hunger and poverty into sufficiency, war into peace, and catastrophic climate change into planetary balance. And yes, there are several rewards for you—and your “tribe.”

Quick Facts

Book launch of Guerrilla Marketing to Heal the World by Jay Conrad Levinson and Shel Horowitz
Real-world strategies that increase your business success while healing the planet
Publication date: April 19, 2016 (earlier for ebook)
Preferred promotion window: Mar 20 through April 22, 2016
Bonuses to you just for promoting the launch and to readers for ordering

So Here’s the Scoop

In order for this movement to take hold, we need to get this book into the hands of many people in a short time enough to actually change the culture of business. That’s why I’m asking for your help in sharing this powerful new book with your world specifically, with your email list and through your social media connections. And that’s why I’m asking so early. I know that some people plan pretty far ahead. Of course, since I practice my own advice about combining self-interest with planetary interest, you will benefit as well.

What If Your Profits AND Your Legacy Could be Based in Solving the Biggest Problems of Our Time?

By Shel Horowitz, primary author, Guerrilla Marketing to Heal the World

Your potential business impact goes waaay beyond giving your time or money to charity. I’m talking about creating and growing an organization that has social change built into its DNA. What if I told you that your organization can have a profound impact upon hunger, poverty, war, and catastrophic climate change while, at the same time, making a really nice profit? Is that a legacy you’d be eager to claim?

Changing an organization so it can change the world is a process. It doesn’t happen overnight. But like every incredible journey, it begins with a single step.

I’m inviting you to take that single step, and to make it an easy and rewarding one; You’re invited to help me launch my 10th book, Guerrilla Marketing to Heal the World (co-authored with Jay Conrad Levinson, who has done more than 60 Guerrilla Marketing books). It’ll be out in April, just in time for Earth Day—but online retailers are already taking preorders (and reviewer comments).

Jack Canfield, co-creator of the Chicken Soup series and a fan of Shel’s work for more than a decade, says,

Not only do people want to change the paradigm toward people-centered, planet-friendly behavior, but that they can lift people out of poverty and profit handsomely by doing so. I’m delighted to recommend Guerrilla Marketing To Heal the World the world needs more of this.

Seth Godin, best-selling author of Purple Cow, All Marketers are Liars, and many other books, agrees:

Like all of the best Guerrilla Marketing books, this one is powerful, direct and simple. Unlike the other ones, this book also heals our communities, fortifies the planet and helps you build an enterprise for the long haul. Just in time.

Ivan Misner, founder of BNI (the largest business networking group on the planet), focused on a different aspect:

For decades, I’ve supported the idea that business has a higher purpose. Guerrilla Marketing to Heal the World offers practical examples and fresh insights into how business can address poverty, war, and climate profitably and collaboratively. I’m delighted to recommend this book.

Cynthia Kersey (author of Unstoppable/Unstoppable Women), Frances Moore Lappé (author of Diet for a Small Planet and a bunch of books about food and democracy), Ken McArthur (JV Alert/The Impact Event), and Yanik Silver (Maverick 100, Instant Sales Letter, Evolved Enterprise, etc.) liked the concept so much, they each have an essay about their own social entrepreneurship work.

Other endorsers include Jacquelyn Ottman, author of The New Rules of Green Marketing…social media experts Chris Brogan and Brian Solis…Joel Makower, Executive Editor of GreenBiz.com…Michael Port, author of The Think Big Manifesto…Alicia Bay Laurel, author of Living On the Earth…Tim Sanders, author of Love Is the Killer App…Bob Burg, author of Endless Referrals…master copywriters Bob Bly and David Garfinkel…persona marketing expert Jeffrey EisenbergJohn Kremer, author of 1001 Ways to Market Your Book (to name a few).

It’s also one of the last books to be co-authored by the late Jay Conrad Levinson, Father of Guerrilla Marketing. I approached Jay several years ago to collaborate on an earlier book, Guerrilla Marketing Goes Green because I had noticed a quiet but persistent undercurrent in his books that showed me he wanted to use his marketing chops to make the world better. He was eager to show that commitment openly, and it is a privilege to once again collaborate with him.

Readers will hear success stories from dozens of inspiring business leaders including

      • The maker of a solar-powered LED lantern that eliminates kerosene toxicity and kerosene fires and provides a profound and disruptive path ladder out of poverty (a game-changer, in other words)
      • A coffee roaster who from the day he opened 22 years ago has not only done only 100% organic and fair-trade, but has funded numerous amazing village-led development projects in those coffee communities
      • Major Fortune 100 companies that have turned waste into revenue streams and sell massive amounts of green products as much as $15 billion a year to mainstream nongreen customers

Let’s not forget the guy who built a luxurious 4000 square-foot net-zero-energy Aspen, Colorado home that doesn’t even need a furnace all the way back in 1983…the woman who studies nature to discover solutions to drought, super-strong building materials, and many other human problems…the man whose mighty marketing machine is based on studying an ear of corn…and a major supplier to Ben & Jerry’s whose workforce is unemployable ex-addicts, ex-cons, and ex-mental patients just to name a few.

These kinds of collaborative, co-active, cohesive approaches, added together and multiplied by millions of change agents in the business community around the world, can actually turn society away from its destructive course and toward a giving world-wide community of peace, plenty, and planetary balance. And by sharing this book with your community, you’ve taken a key step to becoming a planet-centered profitable business. Wouldn’t it be great if someone you introduced to the book used the principles they read about to create a major innovation that helped people overcome personal hunger and poverty while creating planetary resilience to protect us all from war and climate catastrophe?

Is there a voice in your head saying “it can’t be done—these problems are too big and too entrenched”? That voice is the small-minded devil who wants you to think small and stay afraid to step into your greatness. Muhammad Ali told us, “impossible is not a fact; it’s a dare,” and Henry Ford told us that whether we think we can or think we can’t do something, we’re right.

Change happens because ordinary people demand it! In my boyhood, South Africa, Rhodesia (now called Zimbabwe), and the American South still groaned under the weight of apartheid polluters thought they had unlimited license to dump toxics into our air and water without consequences the Soviet Union ruled with an iron fist. Ordinary people nonviolently changed these evils into something better. I personally started a movement that saved a mountain others had given up on.

And we get not just satisfaction but gratification from doing this work.

When you can not only better the world but also better your profits increase revenues and cut costs you can not only be proud of the work you’re doing but catapult your commitments into greater business success too.

See for yourself. I’m happy to send you a PDF of the book for evaluation. I would never expect you to promote a book that you haven’t looked at and I know you’ll love it. (If for some reason I’m wrong and you don’t feel comfortable promoting it, I’ll remove you from the launch list with no hard feelings.)

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Benefits to You

Teleseminar or webinar for your list
If your bonus is selected for the entire launch (limit 5!) a chance to attract thousands of new people into your funnel
A PDF of the book to review well in advance
A teaser PDF with high-value content (with your name and URL on the cover) that you can offer free to your community
Option to offer any bonus you want just to your own readers
Commissions up to $500 on any new consulting or speaking clients you bring
Just for participating: a 30-minute consult on how to add deep social change and/or go greener in your own business
Generate 25+ sales—that increases to an hour of my time

Benefits to Readers of the Book

Create projects (and products) that accomplish social change, profitability, and cost reduction all at once
Green the company in ways that save money and make money
Gain enormous positive reputation as a visionary company worth supporting
Expand successfully into totally new markets through strategic thinking, powerful partnerships, and commitment to core principles
Turn marketing from a cost to a revenue stream
Four bonuses including a brief consult and several resources to save money on marketing and on living plus five special bonuses only during the launch period (to be chosen from your submissions)

My Goal

I want this book to come out of the gate so strongly that it changes the culture creating what Malcolm Gladwell called the tipping point. Let’s see these ideas all over the media and all over people’s business lunches and at-home dinner conversations. Let’s get people not just talking about these ideas, but implementing them. Let’s create a business culture that no longer accepts hunger, poverty and war just because we’ve always had them. A culture that actively reverses catastrophic climate change while we still have the time. A culture that reinvents business itself as an incredible force for social good. And yes, let’s reach millions of people, sell tens of thousands of copies and earn commissions on paid consulting and speaking on creating this change.

PS—Another Revenue Stream for You

Beyond the book launch, if you know organizations that need consulting or speaking in this area, I’m delighted to pay commissions if you bring me paying gigs. Send me an email and we’ll discuss.

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