Why Nuclear STILL Doesn’t Make Sense

Although some environmentalists see nuclear as our only way to reduce carbon enough to stay within the 2°C limit, I am an ardent opponent of nuclear. I’ve written an entire book on why nuclear power is a dreadful technology that should be abandoned (as several countries have done or are in the process of doing).

My reasons:

  1. It’s not nearly as carbon-friendly as some environmentalists claim
  2. It’s an economic disaster
  3. The consequences of an accident, or even of improper waste storage (over the 220,000 years it has to be totally isolated from the environment) are horrific; the area around Chernobyl is still not habitable after 31 years, and may not be for centuries
  4. We don’t need it—we have plenty of safer, cleaner options

If you’d like to know more, I’m happy to send you the update to my nuke book that I wrote for a Japanese publisher, post-Fukushima. It’s only 14 pages and it goes through a number of arguments. No opt-in required and you have my permission to share the document as long as you don’t change anything. I tried to upload it here for downloading but for some reason, the site would not accept the file. So to get your copy, please visit my sister site, http://greenandprofitable.com/download-the-post-fukushima-expose-of-nuclear-power/ and click on the link. Sorry for the extra step.


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