Strategic Profitability Opportunities

Strategic Profitability Opportunities for Social Change and the Environment

How your business can create profitable products and services that go beyond sustainability to help create the world we want. Develop new, profitable, social entrepreneurship products and services—and reach new markets.

  • How can your existing processes be used to create new products?
  • What other markets can you develop for the products and services you already offer?
  • What spin-off products and services make sense?
  • How can you profitably bake in green and social change?

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Greening and Cost-Saving Your Business

Marketing Consulting and Copywriting

Ready to Move Forward?

Step 1: Take the brief Social Entrepreneurship Profitability Self-Assessment and/or Green Business Profitability Self-Assessment questionnaires. Each should only take you about ten minutes, and will give you a lot of clarity on where you are in the process, and how to get where you want to be.

Step 2: Sign up for a no-charge 15-minute consultation to assess your/your business’s greatest needs, goals, and obstacles in profitably becoming greener and building in deep social change .

Step 3: Treat yourself to a copy of Guerrilla Marketing to Heal the World. This book cites dozens of companies that have successfully integrated a higher purpose into their business DNA: practical case studies you can learn from and emulate! Just $24.95 for the paperback, and even less for the ebook.

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“Shel Horowitz is one of the country’s most respected and influential evangelists for earning more money by doing the right thing. Aligning your business and your civic activism…a sherpa for those seeking to grow their businesses and their social conscience.”
—Dean Rotbart, “The Dean of Reputation,” Monday Morning Radio