Sponsor Speaker/Consultant/Author Shel Horowitz

Brand your company as a caring organization that fosters thought leadership in solving the biggest problems of our time—such as:

  • Hunger
  • Poverty
  • War
  • Catastrophic climate change

Show your audiences—customers, employees, vendors, investors, media, regulators, and other stakeholders—that you pay attention to more than short-term profit—that you are doing your part to enable a better world.

As a speaker, award-winning/best-selling author, and consultant, Shel Horowitz is one of the leading voices for the idea that we can fix these big “unsolvable” problems—and that we don’t need guilt and shame to do it.

When we see them as resource issues, the power of business to develop marketable, profitable products and services kicks in, and we find solutions.

Golden Earth

Golden Earth photo credit: FreeImages.com/Stephanie Hofschlaeger

And—not just among Millennials but across all demographics—the public responds positively. Consider these statistics from a 10-country Edleman study, cited in Shel Horowitz’s award-winning 10th book, Guerrilla Marketing to Heal the World:

  • 68 percent of consumers “would remain loyal to a brand during a recession if it supports a good cause”
  • 71 percent have donated as much or more time and money to good causes despite the economic downturn
  • 42 percent would choose a brand with commitment to a social purpose over design, innovation, or brand loyalty, if price and quality are equal
  • 52 percent would recommend a brand that supports a good cause over one that doesn’t, and 54 percent would actually promote the product to support the cause
  • An astonishing 87 percent feel an obligation to contribute to a better society and environment; 83 percent would change their own consumption habits to help create that better world
  • 76 percent prefer to buy from brands that give to worthy causes

By aligning your organization with these goals, you’re seen as a forward-looking company, a thought-leader with a higher purpose. The kind of company those survey respondents seek out.

Shel Horowitz has many ways for you to become involved, including sponsoring him to speak, funding him to consult to your organization or its business and nonprofit partners, or even something as simple as distributing custom-branded copies of his book.

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