Skills Training

Skills Training

One-to-one, small-group, and large-group training to empower your staff with competence and confidence in moving forward in greening your company, social change, in your marketing and in your public presentations: 

  • “Story-behind-the-story” media releases and pitch letters—getting noticed in mainstream media in ways that work far better than the rusty old 5Ws
  • Messaging to the left AND right sides of the brain—getting people to buy through a combination of emotional and intellectual choices
  • Media training and coaching: Learn to be comfortable on camera and microphone, cut quickly to the essence of your message, be a passionate and engaging media guest, and get your call to action included.
  • Social media strategy: how to present appropriately on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, and discussion groups.
  • Public speaking training and coaching: Instead of “death by PowerPoint,” creating a fully engaged audience that becomes your ally instead of your enemy. How to hook them in the first moments, keep their attention, and move your agenda forward. Handle hecklers. Win over your audience and still be the authentic you.
  • Turning tech-ese or jargon into clear, understandable language
  • Conducting and facilitating complex meetings and brainstorming sessions: develop workable, inclusive group processes for brainstorming, project design, implementation

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