Shel Horowitz’s Systems for Creating a Thriving Social Transformation Business

Awe Them Like Apple, Delight Like d.light, Profit Like Patagonia: An Introduction to Transformational Business

  1. Understand the power of exceeding expectations and creating elegance
  2. Look at brands that create deep personal loyalty
  3. Analyze product and service offerings that achieve several things at once, including social transformation, greening the world, and a good profit

Six Steps to Creating the Transformational Business Sweet Spot

  1. Identify your organization’s existing core strengths, capabilities, and areas of interest
  2. Examine how those aspects point naturally to gaps and needs your organization can fill—and how filling them could make a difference on one or more of these social issues
  3. Create products and services that address this
  4. Identify who will pay for these products and services
  5. Locate partners (operational, marketing, etc.) with whom you can develop them
  6. Market these products and services to end users, funders, suppliers, and other stakeholders

Mother Nature, Chief Engineer: How to Use Nature’s Design Thinking to Make Everything Easier and Greener

  • Seven key principles [as outlined in the essay, “From Save the Mountain to Saving the World”]:
  1. Throw away our assumptions
  2. Work backward from the goal
  3. Count ALL the costs
  4. Focus on achieving abundance, instead of managing scarcity
  5. Eliminate the friction points
  6. Design for multiple uses
  7. Use nature as a model/close the loops
  • What you can learn from nature
  • How to close the loops

The Power Profit Payback: Turning the Bottom of the Pyramid Into Markets

  1. Know your (organizational and personal) motivations
  2. Prioritize the right needs to address
  3. Identify the market
  4. Understand in whose interest it is to solve the problem
  5. Create the right revenue models: for-profit sales, government funding, foundation project, corporate partnerships, etc.

Additional Programs

The Hero Company’s Journey—And You as Corporate Hero: How to Be the Protagonist in a Story of Social Change Success

Summary: Be a hero to your company as you help your company become a hero in the wider world. Together, we will lead your organization on an epic journey much like the protagonist in a gripping novel: your path is strewn with challenges, but you successfully overcome each in turn to achieve greatness. Your organization gets recognized for the major role it begins to play in alleviating hunger, poverty, war, and/or catastrophic climate change—and you reap the rewards of creating the profit and PR potential.

Right For You If: You work for a company that has taken steps toward sustainability and/or social entrepreneurship. You see the potential to move them much deeper, and to address wider social issues—sometimes even co-solving more than one at once. You’re looking for ways to accomplish this, and might like to be recognized internally for your efforts.

Done-For-You Sustainability Marketing from Your Own CSR Work: Now that you’ve spent time and money not only becoming a greener and more socially responsible company but writing it up in your CSR Report, you can have us identify and highlight that research and those accomplishments—and make it easy to use the best bits to make your marketing more effective.

What Mountain Would YOU Like to Save? How to Surmount “Insurmountable” Obstacles toward Social Change Business

Summary: In 1999, Shel founded a citizen action group, Save The Mountain, to oppose a large housing development immediately next to a state park. While the so-called “experts” said, “this project is terrible, but there’s nothing we can do,” STM organized thousands of ordinary citizens, passed several pieces of new legislation, and even managed to achieve permanent protection of the land—all in just 13 months! Using the inspiring success of Save The Mountain, Shel will help you identify your (real or metaphorical) mountain, and the steps you can take to accomplish your agenda.

Right For You If: You’d like to make a difference, but you feel “stuck”: Business units, solopreneurs, small, medium, and large companies, citizen action/community groups, nonprofits, NGOs, etc.

From Sustainability…to Regeneration…to Thriving…to the World We Want: Four Steps on the Journey to a Healthy Business and a Healing Planet

Summary: Sustainability is an important first step—but it’s not enough. The planet needs to regenerate—to return to something as good as or better than what had existed before human intervention—and the enterprise needs to thrive: making a profit while doing this good work.

Right For You If: You work with others who are willing to work together to achieve good outcomes for the organization (whether a single business unit, an entire company, or even an industry association) and the planet. Some support from key leadership is very helpful.

Embracing the Powerful You: Even a Single Person or a Tiny Company can Change the World

“If you think you’re too small to have an impact, share your tent with a hungry mosquito.” (African Proverb)

Summary: You started your business because you wanted to make a difference—and you have. How much more of a difference can you make if you can initiate new profit centers that make a difference helping people overcome hunger, poverty, war, violence, and catastrophic climate change?

Right For You If: You’re a solopreneur, executive, or key team member at a very small business or organization.

Company Or Division Size: 1-100 employees

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