Will Partnerships Be a Key Ingredient in Your Success and Growth?

Your business future follows a much easier path if you work with others. Get help identifying and forming operational and marketing partnerships—permanent or temporary—that harness the strengths of all parties to create something bigger than any part.

  • In whose interest is your success?
  • How can you reach out to them?
  • Who else should be brought into the partnership?

Create External Partnerships With Complementary Businesses—In Your Own Industry and Elsewhere

Reach out to partner strategically with others who already reach your market or have skills and capabilities that complement yours. Seek out and implement the perfect partnerships with people and organizations that can recommend you to their audience, expand your base, and lower your costs while increasing your revenues. If Apple can partner with IBM, the US Postal Service can partner with FedEx, and General Motors can partner with Toyota (all REAL examples), surely you can benefit by partnering with other organizations.

This is why online marketing masters organize “joint ventures (JVs)” for massively successful product launches. Why community organizers “build coalitions” with other groups, coming together on the issues where they agree, and separating when they diverge. You can create successful operational or marketing partnerships with organizations in any sector: business, labor, charity, nonprofit, academic, community, government…

Internal Partnerships Break Down the Silos to Harness Expertise You’ve Already Paid For

You can also grow your organization by facilitating cross-departmental partnerships within your organization. The corporate world talks about “getting people out of their silos” so Marketing, Sales, and Engineering can all brainstorm together. Academics gather in “interdisciplinary teams” to study phenomena that might include astrophysics, biology, and sociology. Nonprofits/NGOs and government agencies understand “partnerships” such as public-private collaborations and cause-related marketing.

Just as co-solving itself brings people from different spheres together to solve one set of problems or address one set of issues, these different but overlapping perspectives all teach us something. We can create win-win syntheses of the best of all this thinking, and use that power and synergy to address—and solve—even the most intractable problems.

Internationally acclaimed author and green/social entrepreneurship profitability consultant Shel Horowitz can help you create these partnerships. Let Shel help you:

  • Brainstorm projects where it makes sense to bring in partners
  • Identify potential partners across all relevant sectors
  • Create “win-win-win” outreach letters and phone scripts that will get these organizations interested in partnering with you
  • Informally review partnership proposals and agreements for clarity, accountability, and relevance to mission, so that when these documents go to your legal team, the document is in good shape and you use your lawyers’ time efficiently
  • Write marketing documents (from press releases to social media posts to sections of your annual report) to promote the partnership AND the project, both internally and externally

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“Shel brings a natural grace and deep acumen to the topic of profitability and social change. One can see, hear, and feel the depth of his commitment to making the world a better place while designing real business-based solutions that ensure companies stay relevant and profitable in the new marketplace. Shel is that one-of-a-kind expert who can help existing traditional businesses begin the steps to become ‘green’ and assist new businesses to start smart by tapping into the market of social change and green business. Thanks for all you do in service to humanity, Shel. We’re lucky to have you!”
—Kymm Nelsen, CEO of Institute for Conscious Leadership and host of the Conscious Leadership Weekly podcast

“Shel Horowitz is one of the country’s most respected and influential evangelists for earning more money by doing the right thing. Aligning your business and your civic activism…a sherpa for those seeking to grow their businesses and their social conscience.”
—Dean Rotbart, “The Dean of Reputation,” Monday Morning Radio