“I’m Just an Ordinary Person! What Can I Do to Change Things?” Plenty, Says Bestselling Author

“I’m Just an Ordinary Person! What Can I Do to Change Things?”  Plenty, Says Bestselling Author

HADLEY, MA: “If you say you’re too ordinary to change the world, all you have is a self-image problem,” says award-winning/bestselling author Shel Horowitz, known as “The Transformpreneur.”

Horowitz, 60, an international speaker and founder of GoingBeyondSustainability.com and Transformpreneur.com, trumpets the ability of ordinary people to make a real difference. “Lots of big changes happen without any input from kings and presidents,” he says. A few examples:

  • A seamstress sparked the Montgomery, Alabama bus boycott that brought the US civil rights struggle into the consciousness of America: Rosa Parks
  • A shipyard electrician led the movement to overthrow Communism and became the first leader of a free Poland: Lech Walesa
  • A college dropout itinerant folksinger, blacklisted and mostly out of work during the McCarthy era, organized a campaign that cleaned up New York’s Hudson River: Pete Seeger
  • An unknown corporate lawyer experienced discrimination in another country, went home and organized a mass movement that eventually ended a 190-year-long foreign occupation: Gandhi

    Image of Gandhi on India's 500 rupee note

    Before he was radicalized, Gandhi was an ordinary lawyer. Photo by

  • A housewife started a national movement on the right to know about toxics: Lois Gibbs, of Love Canal, New York

Horowitz’s 10th book, Guerrilla Marketing to Heal the World (Morgan James, 2016) shows how ordinary people can harness the profit motive to turn hunger and poverty into sufficiency, war into peace, and catastrophic climate change into planetary balance. He says, “We have the technology. Let’s find the will.”

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