Greening and Cost-Saving Your Business

Greening and Cost-Saving Your Business

Thirty years ago, most of us thought that going green was a hardship—that you had to sacrifice quality and spend more. But we know better now. We’ve learned how to green our businesses and improve quality and lower cost—all at the same time. Large companies like General Motors, Walmart and General Electric have saved billions of dollars by greening their own operations, and made billions selling green products to both retail and wholesale customers.

Green/social entrepreneurship business profitability consultant Shel Horowitz, of GoingBeyond is here to help you answer questions like:

  • How can greening your company save you money on energy?
  • How can greening your company save you money on materials?
  • How can greening your company save you money on waste disposal and/or create new revenue opportunities?
  • How can going green expand your customer base and revenues…build employee engagement, productivity, and loyalty…and open up win-win partnerships?
  • How can you effectively market the sustainability accomplishments in your CSR or sustainability report?
  • What opportunities exist to switch sourcing to local vendors? Can the transportation savings offset higher prices?
  • How can you go beyond green—beyond sustainability—to build and market profitable products and services that address root causes like hunger, poverty, war, and catastrophic climate change?

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“Shel brings a natural grace and deep acumen to the topic of profitability and social change. One can see, hear, and feel the depth of his commitment to making the world a better place while designing real business-based solutions that ensure companies stay relevant and profitable in the new marketplace. Shel is that one-of-a-kind expert who can help existing traditional businesses begin the steps to become ‘green’ and assist new businesses to start smart by tapping into the market of social change and green business. Thanks for all you do in service to humanity, Shel. We’re lucky to have you!”
—Kymm Nelsen, CEO of Institute for Conscious Leadership and host of the Conscious Leadership Weekly podcast

“Shel Horowitz is one of the country’s most respected and influential evangelists for earning more money by doing the right thing. Aligning your business and your civic activism…a sherpa for those seeking to grow their businesses and their social conscience.”
—Dean Rotbart, “The Dean of Reputation,” Monday Morning Radio