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Many Ways to Work with Shel—Paid and Free

Paid Options

Critique or Tune-Up of Your Marketing Materials

In-Depth Audit/Review of Marketing Documents

Single document up to five pages$195
Up to three documents of five pages or less (or five-page chunks of larger documents)$495
Up to 10
Up to 25 documents/chunks$1995
Each additional document or chunk beyond 25$60 each


Marketing Tune-Up

Quick performance-improvement tweaks to up to three marketing documents of up to five pages each, $495 (examples: rewrite the lead or headline, change the focus, unbury the important parts)


Organically Grown Develop-and-Launch Mastermind

Facilitated small-group experience to design and market a profitable, practical social-change product or service that fits into your existing business model or can be easily adapted. If you follow all the steps, you should have at least one product or service available (or, for manufacturers, in prototype) by the end of the course. Minimum size: 6; Maximum size: 12

  • 30-minute initial private consult
  • Monthly presentation by Shel on a different aspect of creating or marketing a business that can change the world
  • Four 90-minute group sessions per month with brainstorms, exercises, peer support, and feedback, with guaranteed “fishbowl time” for each member every month
  • Option to test your solo presentation to the whole group and get feedback in a nonthreatening, low-stakes setting
  • 30-minute “what’s next/next steps” private consult in month 5 or 6
  • Recordings of all sessions (including your private sessions)
  • Private members-only online discussion group
  • Ebook edition of Guerrilla Marketing to Heal the World (which will be used as the textbook)

Special pioneer pricing: $225 per month, six-month commitment. Prepay in full and save—just $1195. Option to extend if the group wishes to continue. Note: this group will launch once the minimum registration of 6 people is achieved. Bring a friend!


Get It Done! Social Entrepreneurship “Solar-Powered Rocket” Jumpstart

The done-for-you option. Shel will…

  • Spend time learning your business—he will:
    • Interview you
    • Read public and internal materials you’ve created
    • Review your news coverage and public interviews
    • Optionally visit your facility
  • Brainstorm at least 5 to as many as 10 product or service ideas that you can implement
  • Provide a synopsis for each of plusses, minuses, audiences, and other stakeholders
  • Work up detailed implementation summaries of your top two choices
  • Create a marketing plan for your go-ahead top choice
  • Write your first marketing document (typically the copy for a web page or a press release)
  • Write 10 Tweets to launch your new product’s social media marketing
  • Check in weekly during the project

$4995 plus any required travel expenses at actual cost—or three payments of $1995 each, at the project start, at one month, and on completion


Gifts to you from award-winning/best-selling author, international speaker, and consultant Shel Horowitz. Shel’s latest (10th) book, Guerrilla Marketing to Heal the World, immediately hit two category best-seller lists when it was released in April, 2016. It has endorsements by Jack Canfield, Seth Godin, the founders of BNI and GreenBiz.com, the author of The New Rules of Green Marketing (among others), and essays from the authors of Unstoppable/Unstoppable Women and Diet for a Small Planet.

Shel Horowitz, green/social change business profitability consultant and author of Guerrilla Marketing to Heal the World

Shel Horowitz, author of Guerrilla Marketing to Heal the World

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Profitability Assessments, with Optional Free Consult

Social Transformation Business Profitability Assessment

Green Business Profitability Assessment

Find out how ready your business is to create and market profitable social transformation products and services and to green up your own business/create and market green products and services in ways that increase revenue and lower costs.

Completing one or both assessments entitles you to 15 minutes on the phone (or Skype, etc.) with Shel, to interpret your results and help you think about the kinds of transformative and/or green products and services that match your existing capabilities, skills, and mission. (This is an incredible opportunity for you to get world-class consulting from a recognized expert whose client list spans five continents.) Fill out either or both assessments; they’ll only take about 10 or 15 minutes each and will provide valuable direction for creating a thriving business that does good in the world directly, at its core—not just through its charitable giving.

NOTE: You will get considerably more value from these assessments if you read Guerrilla Marketing to Heal the World first.


Guerrilla Marketing to Heal the World Sampler

Find our why Chicken Soup’s Jack Canfield said,

Jay and Shel show that not only do people want to change the paradigm toward people-centered, planet-friendly behavior, but that they can lift people out of poverty and profit handsomely by doing so. I’m delighted to recommend Guerrilla Marketing To Heal the World—the world needs more of this.

Seth Godin, author of such iconic books as Purple Cow and All Marketers are Liars, said,

Like all of the best Guerrilla Marketing books, this one is powerful, direct and simple. Unlike the other ones, this book also heals our communities, fortifies the planet and helps you build an enterprise for the long haul. Just in time.

And why Cynthia Kersey, author of Unstoppable and Unstoppable Women, Frances Moore Lappé, author of Diet for a Small Planet, Yanik Silver, author of Evolved Enterprise, and Ken McArthur, author of Impact chose to donate an essay and be part of this remarkable book.

(Other endorsers include BNI founder Dr. Ivan Misner, Jacqueline Ottman, author of The New Rules of Green Marketing, Joel Makower,co-founder and executive editor of  GreenBiz.com, Alicia Bay Laurel, author of Living On the Earth, and many others.)

Download a quick-read sampler at http://goingbeyondsustainability.com/guerrilla-marketing-to-heal-the-world/ — click on the download link just after the second paragraph. You’ll get eight excerpts—among them,

  • A case study of one of Ben & Jerry’s major charity partnerships (one of many case studies in the book)—and a look at how an upstart company like B&Js was able to leverage its social and environmental commitments to become one of the two market leaders in a niche with hundreds of players
  • Two of the five types of green products you might create
  • “Mother Nature, Chief Engineer”—how we can look to the planet to solve pesky human engineering problems, like the way a certain type of ant in India builds anthills that survive nicely both during the three-month monsoon flooding and the nine-month drought
  • The section of the “Impossible is a Dare” chapter that proves we already know how to turn hunger and poverty into sufficiency, war into peace, and catastrophic climate change into planetary balance

You’ll also get the complete table of contents and index for the entire book, as well as the full text of all 22 endorsements that were received in time to include (several more have come in since then).


Monthly Clean and Green Newsletter Bundle with Nine Bonuses

Published since 1997, Shel Horowitz’s Clean and Green Club newsletter was a pioneer online newsletter for marketers. It has evolved to focus on green and socially transformative businesses, as Shel’s consulting, writing and speaking has moved in that direction. Each month’s issue includes a main article—usually a practical how-to tip you can easily implement, but sometimes a profile of a world-changing business, a trend analysis, or something else—as well as a detailed book review. You’ll also get a list of where to hear and meet Shel, and sometimes special offers from Shel’s friends and colleagues.

Click here to get the monthly newsletter and a bonus tipsheet, “5 Ways Business Can Create a Better World.” If you’d also like the special report, Seven Tips to Gain Marketing Traction as a Green Guerrilla, and a weekly series, Seven Weeks to a Greener Business, covering greener printing, energy saving, waste reduction, water conservation, transportation, going deep-green, green marketing—once a week for seven weeks—be sure to click the “yes” box on that page before you hit the submit button.


Transform Your Business—and Transform Our World!

Delight like d.light, Beguile like Ben & Jerry’s, Profit like Patagonia. Click on the link below to download this quick tipsheet. It offers 10 principles, 8 powerful examples from the Fortune 100 to very small companies, and 5 Action Steps you can use to begin the process in your own business.

Transform Your Business—and Transform Our World tip sheet

“Impossible is a Dare” Master Slide Set and TEDx Video

Click on the link just below to download the PDF of the master deck Shel Horowitz uses to select audience-specific slides for his popular talk, “Impossible is a Dare,” given at such venues as TEDx, Green America’s massive Green Festival in New York City, and the Slow Living Summit in Vermont. This master deck also includes a few of the slides from Shel’s other very popular talk, “Making Green Sexy”—which he’s given as far east as Davos, Switzerland and as far west as Honolulu and Kuwaii, Hawaii. Here, you can also watch the abbreviated version he gave as a 15-minute TEDx talk.

Impossible Is a Dare-master slide set

Click to watch the TEDx Talk (and then click on “event videos” and select Shel Horowitz’s talk, “Impossible is a Dare”)


Painless Green: 111 Different Easy Low-Cost/No-Cost Ways to Green Up

Shel Horowitz’s ebook, Painless Green: 111 Tips to Help the Environment, Lower Your Carbon Footprint, Cut Your Budget, and Improve Your Quality of Life—With No Negative Impact on Your Lifestyle, offers 111 tips to save energy, water, and other resources. Most of them are easy and either free or extremely inexpensive (like $2 or less). It normally retails for $9.95 , but it’s yours as a gift: just click the link in the ebook title above and use the code, GBSfreebiepage


Resource Page and Timeline for Citizen/Consumer Activists

How we as citizens and consumers can make a difference, plus a timeline with a few key events in the last few decades where consumer power made an impact and changed the world. Visit http://transformpreneur.com/consumerpower/ —no download needed.