Creating Employee Empowerment and Engagement around Social Change

Creating Employee Empowerment and Engagement around Social Change


Moving from a narrow focus on profit to a wider focus on purpose creates enormous opportunity to engage and empower your employees. Creating a sense of ownership in the agenda reaps benefits in morale, productivity, retention, and outreach.


  • How can you gain input and buy-in for a social change focus?
  • What issues are most important to your employees, and why?
  • How can you leverage their excitement to make them ambassadors for your organization?

“Shel brings a natural grace and deep acumen to the topic of profitability and social change. One can see, hear, and feel the depth of his commitment to making the world a better place while designing real business-based solutions that ensure companies stay relevant and profitable in the new marketplace. Shel is that one-of-a-kind expert who can help existing traditional businesses begin the steps to become ‘green’ and assist new businesses to start smart by tapping into the market of social change and green business. Thanks for all you do in service to humanity, Shel. We’re lucky to have you!”
—Kymm Nelsen, CEO of Institute for Conscious Leadership and host of the Conscious Leadership Weekly podcast


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