About Green Expert Network

Green Expert Network

When you need an expert in any area of greening your business, turn to the Green Expert Network. We are building a network of trained professionals who offer the expertise you need to:

  • Market green products and services successfully to both green and nongreen audiences
  • Reduce your solid waste costs
  • Reduce the costs of energy, water, and materials
  • Use deep conservation and renewable energy to lower your carbon footprint and energy bills while raising your profile as a forward-thinking, eco-friendly business
  • Add self-funding green features to your buildings, campuses, and fleet
  • Integrate Cradle to Cradle and whole-lifecycle thinking into everything you do
  • Design new buildings to be Net Zero or even Net Positive
  • Explore win-win marketing and operational partnerships that drive costs down and drive revenues up

Contact us to discuss the type of expert you’re seeking or how you might offer services o others through this network.